How To Plant Roses

planting roses diagram

Step 1. Dig the hole
Dig a hole that is twice as wide and deep as the container. Incorporate organic material such as manure, shredded leaves or peat moss (potting soil can also be used) into the existing soil making sure that the hole is still deep enough.

Step 2. Remove the rose from the container
If the soil in the container looks very dry, be sure to water it well before planting. Remove the rose from the container and prune any canes that are broken, injured or are thinner than a pencil. Be sure to loosen the roots if they are thick and root bound.

Step 3. Planting
Place the rose in the center of the hole making sure that the bud union (the knobby part of the stem base) is at the correct level. In zones 6-10, the bud union should be about 1″ above the soil surface. In zones 5 and under, it’s a good idea to bury the bud union 1″ or so under the soil surface.

Step 4. Back Fill
Back fill hole with soil, firming into place, adding more soil as needed.

Step 5. Watering and Mulching
Water thoroughly around base of plant allowing it to soak in. Repeat as necessary.

Step 6. Check In
For the next couple weeks, check in and water plant as needed to ensure it stays healthy. Mulch around plant to help retain moisture and reduce weeds.