Organic Garden Products

For organic gardeners, creating a living soil rich in humus and nutrients is the key to growing great fruits and vegetables, abundant flowers, and long-lived ornamental trees and shrubs. The overall fertility and viability of the soil, rather than the application of fertilizers as quick fixes, is at the very heart of organic gardening.

But like all gardeners, organic gardeners have to start somewhere. Your soil may be deficient in certain nutrients. It may not have excellent soil structure. Its pH may be too high, or too low. Unless you’ve lucked into the perfect soil, you’re going to have to work to make it ideal for gardening.

Many organic materials serve as both fertilizers and soil conditioners—they feed both soils and plants. This is one of the most important differences between a chemical approach and an organic approach toward soil care and fertilizing.

At Cropley’s Garden Center we carry a great selection of lawn and garden fertilizers, soil and mulch products. At Cropley’s we are proud to feature Jonathan Green, Espoma and Coast of Maine products.

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Organics and the New American Lawn Plan

In Jonathan Green’s New American Lawn Plan, both organic and synthetic fertilizers are used to encourage lawn grass growth. This balanced approach produces great results! Synthetic fertilizer works more quickly in cold, spring soil. Later in the year, after the soil has warmed to approximately 57 degrees Fahrenheit, organic fertilizers work very well.

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For over 85 years, Espoma Tones have defined the naturally beautiful garden. Complex blends of long lasting natural organic ingredients enhanced with Bio-tone® beneficial microbes to provide your garden with the balanced meal it deserves.

  • Long lasting natural organics break down slowly for steady, continuous feeding.
  • Contains Bio-tone® microbes.
  • Adds organic matter to soil.
  • Naturally low in salts so it won’t burn.
  • Safe for people, pets, & the environment

[ezcol_1third]coast-of-maine[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_2third_end]Using locally-sourced marine residuals, we hand craft compost-based products that are biologically diverse and rich in the nutrients that plants need to thrive.[/ezcol_2third_end]